Three past conventions

Since my last update I’ve been on some conventions. Here’s a quick recap!


October the 17th of 2015 I was at the Cosplay-Japancon at Oslo Kongresshus. Unfortunatley the artstands was kinda hidden in the building so people could easily just walk by us without knowing we where in that area. I got to know the girls behind Lynx Enchantment very well at this con, and I’ve been sitting next to them on every con ever since! This con also had norwegian celebrity guests stopping by. At this time my cat was seriously ill, so my mom called once in a while with updates. My mood on this con was just pure sadness, and in the end my sweet darling furbaby Carlito died November the 3rd.


GeeKon was founded by Outland, Oslo’s biggest comicbook store, and was the first of it’s kind. Unfortunatley they suck at advertising so it ended with not that many visitors. This was a two-days con, but I ended up with being there just the first day, as did Lync Enchantment. We made no profit, some had no sales at all, so this was a big dissapointment. But the con itself was great – and by that I mean how we were treated, how the setup with the stands was and the useage of the Oslo Kongressenter as a whole. It was so much better than Desucons smaller cons, and I hope that they have learned from their mistake and that next year this will be the best con ever. I’m cheering on you guys!


This was just a couple days ago, 24th-26th of june. Desucon is in fact Norways biggest con, and every summer they have it at Norges Varemesse in Lillestrøm, which is one of the biggest convention centers that we have. This was the 11th time Desu was being held, and it was a great success! This was my first time at “the big con” so I went for a small table, (usually this time of the year I’m in Florida) but next time I’m going for a double one.

13516576_1212139802163636_115709343055575936_n (1)

This was my table at day 1, but I changed my setup every day. On sunday I built it down a notch so people could see me. I got a few comments on that..

I always bring prints and some framed original drawings, but this time I brought some bigger paintings, 70 hand drawn bookmarks and some hand drawn lamshades made with textile pens. I did not sell those, because the rules of selling electronic and such means that I can’t sell a whole lamp.. Or at least that’s what was said before the con. I was told later that it was okey after all, as long as I sold the lampfoot itself as a bonus. So next time I’ll sell these as a complete lamp without any extra costs.


The norwegian artstand community is amazing. I’m so happy I’m a part of it, we are about 200 people that love creative talk. At every con you are meet with hugs, we’re always excited to see what the others are bringing, we do art trades on the last day and we always make sure everybody is doing okey – that we take breaks and not just get stuck behond the table. We look after each others stands, and if you need advice on making something we’ll always answer. There was some arguing about the fact that some stands got to have banners, and others not, but that’s hopefully something that will be changed until next time. Desucon favoriting some artists it’s not okey!

13495177_1213431722034444_4128853278246170021_n (1)


On the last day (sunday) I priced down my prints, and even though we’re advised not to price down on the last day, I did it. That is basically because I’ve had some of these prints for a couple of years now, and they’re low on stock. I want them out of my assortment to make room for new ones. I still have a few single ones left in A4 sizes, but all of Tennant as the Doctor is sold out. I met so many people I’ve know for years for the first time, which made this con even better.

My next projects not will be to make more gaming related, make a coloring book, and finish my drawing book. It got sat on hold because of my cat being sick and requiring a lot of my time. But next year.. Oh, next year. It will be something different.

// Catzy

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New drawing: “Uncharted 4”


A3, made with both pens and pencils.

I finished this one 5 days ago. I started on it the same day I finished the game, I was so inspired and in love with it. I’ve been following Nathan Drake since the first game and this being his last adventure, I felt I had to make something. Yes, I’m quite the fangirl. So about 50-ish hours later, this is what I put together.

This is made with pens and pencils in odd numbers 2H-8B.

I guess the dream is to get this signed by Nolan North one day.. Sigh. 

// Catzy

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Newest commission pieces

I just realized it’s been a year since my last update on this blog, so I’m gonna make it very easy for myself. Here’s some of the commissions I’ve haad since last summer:

Last september I got a mail from musician-actor-author J. Reuben Silverbird. I did some commissions for him some years ago, and I was offered to illustrate a book about his family and the 30s. I haven’t heard anything since Christmas, so I don’t know how the process on getting the book out is at the moment, but my part is done.

I got a Christmas commission, that I really enjoyed doing. Sadly, the horse died while I was working on this drawing, and I hope the drawing honors his memory well. If I remember correctly, he turned 25 years.


My mom demanded a bird painting for Christmas, so I guess that goes under comissions even thoug she had no idea what she got, haha. Her wishes was that the colors matched the other paintings in her living room and the canvas had to long, vertically. She sent me some pictures she found online, so this is what I cooked together:


70×30, acrylics


Early this year, right after new years, I was contacted by the band Sandberg about merchandise designs. It’s a new Norwegian rockband, and they’ve gotten great reviews. So I made them some different logos to use on their shirts, and this one skull that keep reappearing in their music/lyric videos on youtube.



Their album “Higher than the sun” was released a couple of months ago, and I found myself in the credits. 

I also have a friend that runs Norsk Filmklubb that wants me to make some posters later for premieres, movie marathons etc. I’ve always wated to do that!

About a month ago, I got a commission where I had to use color pencils. Ermergherd, the horror! I’m a B&W kinda person, that’s my style when it comes to drawing. Paintings is a completely different story. But since the person askin is a friend and valued customer, I jumped into it, and this is the result:


I had some major issues with my scanner, so this is the best scan I got. I had some problems with the color balance, because the roses are actually more orange than red. This is how it turned out at first (below), and then an hour later, you see the best result I got (above).


I’ve been to some different cons since last summer, so I’m gonna write a summary of that as well asap. Hope you enjoyed my little update!

// Catzy

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New painting of Lily Munster

So, I finished this a couple of days ago. According to my archive I started on this 9th of July 2014, so it’s been taking me over a year to finish this. A typical curse for being a spoonie..


Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster, 60x80cm, acrylics. 

I’m so happy to be done with this, and I’ve already started on Morticia. I hope this creative flow continues a little longer.

// Catzy

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Book update and future projects

Surprise, I’m not dead!

Turns out this blog still exists, woah. So, I’m very close to finish my drawing book. It’s been taking a lot of my time, and therefore I haven’t had much art to show for in this round. It’s written in Norwegian, and the cover you can see underneath. I hope to finish this by July, as I hope to bring some copies with me on Desucon 10.


Even though I am working on some t-shirt designs, logo and soon album cover for a rock band, I’ve decided to not take any commissions before mid-summer time again. My health has been a problem since long before Christmas, and I already have enough projects I want to finish, at the same time I need new stuff for my artstand at Desu10, and eventually Desucon:Japan.

Other than that, not much happening really.. Yeah.

// Catzy

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Entering 2015!

So, 2015 is here and I realized I haven’t been updating this blog in quite a while. I haven’t been finished with any new pieces since september last year anyways, just started on a lot of projects for this year instead.

I’m working on a band logo and soon an album cover for a norwegian band that will release their first album november this year. I’m planning on attending Desucon 10 with an artstand. And I’m still working on putting my drawing book together, and it will be my main project as soon as I’m done with my painting of Lily Munster (below).


If you want to see more updates, I’m now in instagram @munsterish.

Happy new year everybody!

// Catzy

Desucon Cosplay & Japan 2014

So, last saturday was Desucon Cosplay & Japan in Oslo and I had an artstand there, which was a lot of fun. Made some profit, more than last con actually, but there was also obviously more people attending this time. And all the amazing cosplayers! I sold some prints, some sketches and a framed drawing of Sam Winchester from “Supernatural”.

IMG_1704IMG_1695IMG_1708Ended up buying a PomPomPurin, which is basically a pudding.

// Catzy